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Schwifty Labs Microdosing Mushroom Benefits CRO Services and Vial

Over Montana because Microdosing shrooms it has good  texture and it has good flavor . I had one in my car one time for about three hours while.

I was  hunting and I came back from the car stunk of   shellfish but I figured it been there too long in .

  • The heat to go home and try it I didn’t smell it   before i went in this is one of the lactarians .
  • This is sub purpuras it’s a very nice swampy   factories you find them and uh i ate it once.
  • I don’t think they’ve eaten it since this is   paradoxes it looks like a blue milky but it’s and  it’s got orange skills and it has orange milk .

I’m   not sure but this is a blue lactarians this is  a white pine associate i tried it it was bitter you go down south and you can eat .

Them and they’re  fine but I think that’s in here depending on the tree species is associated with besides .

  • The great  pine I think soil type has a lot to do with it uh this is a scaly base chant trail which  is not a chanterelle and it is not edible  .
  • You see there’s a lot out there and there’s  waxy cups that’s a lot of waxy capsules little   teeny .
  • Tiny very colorful mushrooms and uh you’ll  see them pretty much anytime from June.

Through   august to September if you’re out now but they’re  starting to go away actually right now you’re starting to get really big ones but

They have  less times this time of year you’ll find them and   they’ll be covered with a slime and I think that  that slime on these small mushrooms is actually   the antifreeze .

You get a heart a hard cold  for at night then most of the mushroom is still   we got to realize even in .

The hottest part of  summer if you find yourself a nice big fleshy   fungi they’re circulating ground water and you can take .

That put it on your jugular vein and cool   right down it’s like it’s mushrooms are always  cold

You know even in the hottest part of the day there’s a lot of things out there called  slime molds .

The rings of ice seats   and uh they are they don’t have the  same kind of spore production as   all these other guys .

Do so they’re not  really true mushrooms but there’s lime molds they’re all about maybe maybe a half  an inch at the longest these little carrots coming out um this is

A group  of mushrooms of amenities here on the   bottom this is craniulia craniolateral amino  craniolateral grows in association .