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Decide if you’re stuffing White mushrooms, Baby Bellas or Portabellas.

First thing’s first— what kind of stuffed mushrooms are you thinking of using? 

Do you want bitesize finger food? White or Baby Bella caps typically vary in size: some as small as half dollars while others closer to that a golf ball. All make excellent appetizers or sides. Or, were you imagining a full entrée? In that case, you’ll want a large Portabella cap.

The size of your mushrooms and Buy shrooms online Canada how many you plan to make will dictate how much stuffing you need to prepare, so choose your caps wisely!

Make Your Stuffing (In advance!).

After deciding which type of mushrooms you will be stuffing and the ingredients you will fill them with, you are ready to prepare the filling.

The good news is, your stuffing can be made in advance for ease of cooking later! This makes stuffed mushrooms convenient to serve at an event or party, or for those who enjoy meal prepping. In fact, we recommend making the stuffing in advance whenever possible to allow the flavors to meld. It gives your herbs time to infuse into your cream cheese or those peppers to mingle with your rice; in the end, the flavors have more time to unite.  

Begin by cooking your vegetables, meat, etc. as you normally would. Saute or bake your ingredients together in a single skillet to make incorporating the mixture easier and allow the flavors to set. Remove from heat. If using rice or quinoa, make it in a separate pot and set it aside, without mixing in your vegetables, meat or seafood quite yet.

Appropriately perfect your crude mushrooms.

While permitting your Stuffing to cool, clean your mushrooms adhering to our washing directions. It’s vital to not splash your mushrooms, as this can make their permeable edge engorge and think twice about taste and surface of your new growths.

Tenderly snap your mushroom stems to eliminate them from the mushroom covers. There is compelling reason need to eliminate the gills, nonetheless, assuming you lean toward your mushrooms without them, you can delicately scratch them out with a spoon.

Properly Clean Your Raw Mushrooms. 

While allowing your stuffing to cool, clean your Mushrooms following our washing instructions. It’s very important to not soak your mushrooms, as this can cause their porous frame to engorge and compromise the taste and texture of your fresh fungi.

Gently snap your mushroom stems to remove them from the mushroom caps. There is no need to remove the gills, however, if you prefer your mushrooms without them, you can softly scrape them out with a spoon.