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Hemp products are becoming more and more common. Very well known in the form of CBD oil, they are also found in e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, food supplement capsules, cosmetic products, etc. More discreet on the market but just as interesting, there is a multifunctional product: CBD isolate that you can find in our CBD extractions .What is CBD isolate? How to dose it and use it?

CBD isolate: the purity of crystals :

The Fantasy Shrooms CBD isolate is extracted by a particular process allowing to obtain 98% pure cannabidiol crystals. It is the most concentrated product in CBD. Stripped of terpenes and flavonoids, CBD isolate has a much more neutral taste without bitterness. It also does not contain THC.

The biggest advantage of CBD isolate is that you can decline it yourself into different products: CBD oil, e-liquid, balm,…

Finding the Right Dosage with CBD Isolate :

Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous to consume too much CBD. On the other hand, if you overdose your CBD isolate, you risk wasting the product. Using the right amount of cannabidiol crystals will save you money. On the material side, a scale accurate to the milligram is necessary to weigh the CBD isolate.

As for the dosage, it is specific to each person since it depends on several factors such as body size, the method of use of the product, the pathology, etc.

Anyway, when starting out with a new CBD Edibles product, it is always recommended to start with a small amount spread over at least 3 intakes during the day. Depending on the desired effect, you should gradually increase or reduce the dosage over the days, until you find the right balance and know when and how often to take your CBD.

Using CBD Isolate :

CBD isolate can be consumed as is or used in the manufacture of other products. Here are some examples.

Crystals to deposit under the tongue :

Simple and fast, the mode of consumption by sublingual dissolution is also the most effective. Place your CBD isolate under the tongue for about 1 minute until completely dissolved.

DIY version of CBD oils :

To create very pure CBD oil from your isolate, dilute the crystals, for example, in slightly heated hemp oil. This process is very economical.

Homemade CBD skin balms and cosmetic creams :

After dissolving in warm oil, make your CBD isolate an effective anti-wrinkle , a balm to use after sport to relieve joint pain, a cream to apply locally to treat acne,…

Vaping or dabbing your CBD isolate :

Inhaling its CBD isolate is also very effective. There are two methods for this:

 – vaping: dilute the crystals in a neutral e-liquid to obtain a product rich in CBD and without the very pronounced taste or bitterness of cannabis.

– dabbing: in your dab, melt your isolate by heat to generate the vapor to inhale.

For both, pay particular attention to the heating temperature so as not to denature the CBD and transform it into compounds harmful to health.

CBD isolate in the kitchen :

To use it in cooking, incorporate your CBD isolate into a lukewarm fatty substance (butter or oil) and infuse until the crystals are completely dissolved. Your CBD oil or butter will be ready to use and can be used in all your culinary preparations.

CBD isolate has a double benefit. It is very pure and can be used in the preparation of many other CBD products, which makes it very economical. Find our CBD extractions on our CBD France online store or in the CBD France store nearest you.