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Soup with the aroma of the forest, cottages, childhood – very useful! MUSHROOMS are a whole pantry of useful and easily digestible proteins, antioxidants, vitamins that increase immunity, some mushrooms are able to remove toxins due to the large amount of minerals! With a low calorie content, mushrooms are rich in valuable vegetable protein, OIL and WHITE in terms of amk composition are equivalent to meat! Butter, champignons are suitable for baby food (from 2 years old) and do not require long-term high-temperature processing.

For children, in principle, cream soups are better, where mushrooms are crushed in the form of mashed potatoes, but it is for young butterflies that we make an exception – it is so nice to see them on a plate! Eating this with the WHOLE FAMILY, TOGETHER, looking at mushrooms, is a real pleasure for the whole family, and also a great way to teach healthy food. This recipe can be used for children, pregnant and lactating.

Cooking time : 35-40 minutes

Products : For 4 servings 10-12 pcs. medium-sized oil (300 g) (can be replaced with champignons), onion, bunch of parsley, 5 medium potatoes, 2 medium carrots, 30-40 ml of unrefined sunflower oil (or melted butter)

Method of preparation : washed, peeled vegetables and mushrooms cut into small cubes. While the potatoes are cooking (put in a pot of boiling water, 1-1.3 liters), in one pan in 30-50 ml of heated sunflower oil, stew the mushrooms for 30 minutes, and in the other, sauté the chopped onion at medium temperature for 10-15 minutes , grated carrots 10-15 on a coarse grater, put stewed mushrooms and sautéed vegetables in the potato broth. The soup is almost ready. Add finely chopped greens, leave to infuse (so that it doesn’t boil anymore!), On a hot stove for 10-15 minutes The ideal complement for compatibility is cucumber and brown bread.

For children : To teach you how to eat greens, you need to chop them thoroughly and add to the soup in a small amount (no more than a teaspoon per bowl of soup). Whether to grind the mushrooms and the rest of the soup ingredients in the soup puree is up to you!
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