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Penis Envy mushrooms Effects are not natural; the mushroom’s genetic line was artificially created to make it more potent. They are 25 percent slower to colonize and have half the pin rate of the other varieties of Psilocybe cubensis. The mushrooms’ growth requires special incubation conditions, such as a casing layer and higher moisture content in the substrate. This explains why they produce such powerful effects.

Different varieties of the psychedelic mushrooms produce varying subjective effects. Because there are no data to link subjective psychedelic experiences with variety, it is difficult to draw firm links. Nevertheless, the data from Oakland Hyphae support the claim of enhanced potency of Penis Envy mushrooms Effects. According to some reports, the potency of Penis Envy is between 50 and 100 percent higher than that of Psilocybe cubensis.

  • A high in Penis Envy mushrooms is a striking visual experience.
  • It is also known to create a profound introspective state.
  • Penis Envy mushrooms are highly potent and are very popular among mushroom enthusiasts.
  • In addition to being potent, these mushrooms have a fascinating background story and are highly sought after.
  • If you’re wondering what they feel like, we’ve put it all together in a short review.

The mushroom is a hybrid of several species of Cubensis, including an albino version. Although the albino variety is not widespread, it is said to be the strongest among them. Its legal status makes it difficult to test the effects of albino Penis Envy mushrooms Effects. If you’re looking for an unusually strong phallic mushroom, try the penis Envy variety. Its effects are unmistakably penis-centric.



The story behind Penis Envy mushrooms Effects began when Terrence McKenna, an avid mushroom enthusiast, stumbled upon a large patch in the Columbian Amazon. He brought his discovery back to Colorado, where it was sold by a man named Steven Pollock, a medical doctor turned psychedelic mushroom enthusiast. 

In 1981, Pollock began cultivating the Penis Envy variety with the help of a hairdresser named Jules Stevens.

The psilocybin mushroom P. Cubensis was deemed the most potent among Psilocybe species. Its distinctive spores made it popular with both mushroom enthusiasts and novices. Although it is an excellent choice for beginners, the Penis Envy mushroom is not a safe or natural mushroom to consume. If you’re unsure of which strain to choose, try the Golden Teacher, B+, or African Transkei Mushroom.